“SEO Decoded: 39 Search Engine Optimization Strategies To Rank Your Website For The Toughest Of Keywords” by Shane David


SEO Decoded: 39 Search Engine Optimization Strategies To Rank Your Website For The Toughest Of Keywords
2016 | EPUB | 172 pages | ISBN: 1523887842 | English | 0.5 MB

39 Powerful SEO Strategies From A 17 Year SEO Veteran That You Can Implement Today, To Almost Guarantee Your Website Top 10 Rankings

SEO Decoded is a collection of 39 of the best, most impactful SEO strategies that you can employ for your website. No fluff, no impossible to implement strategies, just the good stuff that will make a huge difference to your rankings.

The author Shane David has over 17 years experience doing SEO full time for small businesses, blogs, E-commerce websites, local businesses, large corporations and everything in-between. He has over 10,000 first page rankings under his belt.

If you are looking for simple SEO strategies you can implement today to see ranking improvements quickly, that’s exactly what you will learn in .

The book is broken down into 8 core sections.

Keyword Research For Better Rankings – Learn how to do in-depth keyword research to find the keywords that are not only easy to rank for, but also extremely profitable.

On Page SEO & Content Ranking Strategies – On page SEO is one of the easiest ways to move your site up the rankings, if you know these strategies. You will also learn how to create content search engines love.

Site Wide Ranking Strategies – This is something most websites overlook but have become a huge ranking factor in the last few years.

User Interaction Ranking Strategies – Google is looking more and more at how users are interacting with your website. Inside this book you will learn exactly what Google wants from your website and how to implement it.

Advanced Link Building Strategies – What worked a few years ago with link building does not work now, in fact it will get you penalized. Inside this book you will learn all the best and safe link building strategies available to you and how to implement them.

E-Commerce Ranking Strategies – If you run an E-commerce store, you know how hard it is to get rankings for your product pages. Inside this book you will learn how to do just that.

Local SEO Ranking Strategies – Local businesses have a few different tactics available to them that other types of sites do not, if you are not using these local SEO strategies, you are missing out on customers. Simple as that.

WordPress Ranking Strategies – WordPress has made creating websites a breeze, there is no disputing that. The problem is however, WordPress out of the box is almost disastrous for good SEO. Learn what you need to do to fix that inside SEO Decoded.


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